Crop Stalker Linkage Broadacre Shielded Sprayers

Our CropStalker shielded sprayer has precise ground following spray shields combined with video based guidance and a fast acting side shift mechanism to provide a powerful tool for controlling troublesome weeds in tricky situations.
With a Cropstalker your can effectively spray lower cost non selective herbicides or target selective herbicides in between crop rows as narrow as 250mm.
Each CropStalker is built to match your planter or seeder width and machines currently range from 2 to 13.5 metres in a range of different configurations.




Utilising proven video based guidance technology with hydraulic side shift and our precise shields the Crop Stalker can safely and accurately apply products between rows in a wide range of crop situations.

Guidance accuracy to down to 10mm is achieved at speeds up to 15 km/h in a range of situations from small <5cm high crops and upwards till the crops are sometimes touching our toolbar at 80cm + off the ground

Machines are available in all sizes up to 13.5m with hydraulic double fold as standard on 12m and wider machines making transport simple.

Rate controller options as standard include ISObus, Trimble and John Deere.

Click here to download a Crop Stalker brochure.

Contact us for pricing on a Crop Stalker to suit your row spacing and seeder width.


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