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If you have a 20 or 200 hectare vineyard, how much is actually productive?

A precise vineyard survey provides an accurate base for yield forecasting and management decisions.

Southern Precision’s Vineyard Mapping and Analysis can provide powerful insights to all levels of viticultural management from vineyard topography, block management zones, vine row cordon variability, vine row NDVI, NDRE, PCD and more.

Benefits of detailed vineyard maps

  • Determining accurate vineyard area
  • Digital maps and high resolution imagery
  • Assess and manage cordon decline
  • Identifying problem areas
  • Strategic yield and maturity sampling
  • Strategic split picking
  • Accurate base data for variable rate or automated steering applications

Specific Imagery & Analysis

What do we use?

A drone or UAV is only as good as the sensor it is carrying. Our experienced pilots and technicians at Southern Precision use a combination of industry leading sensors combined with powerful GIS hardware and software to produce a range of high resolution maps and reliable data for the viticultural industry.

We calibrate for different climatic conditions using a Sequoia 4 band multispectral sensor in conjunction with a ground calibration pad and on-board irradiance sensor. Imagery calibration systems ensure we can accurately compare repeated aerial survey data in the same field.

Our team has capabilities in the best tools and software available to deliver your results.The NDVI and PCD indices are calculated in leading processing software and can be delivered on a range of platforms to suit your requirements.

Analytics are performed using a combination of true colour and multispectral vineyard imagery captured via a UAV.

How is it achieved?

Our vineyard services all begin with an aerial survey that uses either a RGB camera or a multispectral camera on board the UAV. Accuracy in the data is paramount therefore aerial surveys are always combined with ground control points.

Common outputs utilise the RGB camera, providing image resolution down to 2.5cm which is ideal for detailed mapping and terrain analysis. 2.5cm resolution can accurately identify individual vine rows which is essential for effective canopy analysis.

Specialty outputs use a combination of RGB and the multispectral imagery. The multispectral imagery allows for the analysis of vine health indicators by providing data that can not be seen by the naked eye.

Common Outputs

  • Aerial Imagery
  • Vineyard and Variety Maps
  • Elevation and Contour Maps

Specialty Outputs

  • Effective Canopy Analysis
  • Vineyard NDVI or PCD zones
  • Individual Vine NDVI